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Term 3

Organiser: David Bate

05 May Costante Bellettini (UCL) Hypersurfaces with prescribed-mean-curvature: existence and properties

10 May TUESDAY Neshan Wickramasekera (Cambridge) Mean-curvature controlled codimension 1 integral varifolds near higher multiplicity hyperplanes

19 May 12pm PDE&A Seminar Juan Davila Bonczos (Bath) Blow-up in infinite time for the Keller-Segel system

26 May Luc Nguyen (Oxford) Solutions to the sigma_k-Loewner-Nirenberg problem are not differentiable

07 June TUESDAY 4pm LuboŇ° Pick (Charles) Sharp transfer of regularity for the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck equation

09 June Giuseppe Tinaglia (KCL) A structure theorem for properly embedded CMC surfaces of finite genus and applications

10 June FRIDAY 2pm Yannick Sire (Johns Hopkins) Some results on harmonic maps with free boundary and beyond

16 June Jonathan Hickman (Edinburgh) The helical maximal function

23 June Matthew Hyde (Warwick) Quantitative rectifiability and the d-dimensional Analyst's Travelling Salesman Theorem

Term 2

Organiser: David Bate

20 Jan ONLINE TALK Sylvester Eriksson-Bique (Oulu) A Sobolev differential structure and approximations of Sobolev functions

27 Jan ONLINE TALK Annina Iseli (MSRI) Projection theorems for linear-fractional families of projections

03 Mar ONLINE TALK Ovidiu Munteanu (UConn) Comparison results for complete noncompact three-dimensional manifolds

10 Mar Julian Scheuer (Cardiff) Stability from rigidity via umbilicity

17 Mar Krzysztof Ciosmak (Oxford) Towards multi-dimensional localisation

Term 1

Organiser: David Bate, Peter Topping

14 Oct Ben Sharp (Leeds) Qualitative bounds on genus and area for embedded CMC surfaces

26 Oct Melanie Rupflin (Oxford) Lojasiewicz inequalities for the harmonic map energy near simple bubble trees

11 Nov Daniele Semola (Oxford) Geometric measure theory on non smooth spaces with lower Ricci curvature bounds

25 Nov John MacKay (Bristol) Conformal dimension and decompositions of hyperbolic groups

09 Dec Huy The Nguyen (QMUL) Noncompact self-shrinkers for mean curvature flow with arbitrary genus