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Applied Mathematics Seminar 2010-11

Organisers: Charlie Elliott and Andreas Dedner

Term 2 2010/11 - The seminars are held on Wednesdays at 14:00 in Room MS.B3.03 - Mathematics Institute unless indicated

Programme (PDF Document)

12-Jan-11   No Seminar
19-Jan-11 (MS.04, 15:00) Martin Gander (Geneva) Iterative Methods for Helmhotz Problems: a Fundamentally Difficult Task
26-Jan-11 Tibor Antal (Edinburgh)  
2-Feb-11 David Dritschel (St Andrews) Jet Sharpening in Planetary Atmospheres
9-Feb-11 John King (Nottingham)

Wavespeed selection in non-homogeneous reaction-diffusion

16-Feb-11 TBA  
23-Feb-11 Chandrashekar Venkataraman (Warwick) A Finite Element Method for Reaction-Diffusion Systems on Continuously Growing Domains: Analysis and Applications
2-Mar-11 Robert Nürnberg (Imperial) Parametric Approximation of Elastic Flow for Closed and Open Curves
9-Mar-11 Rob Douglas (Aberdeen) Error decomposition using rearrangements of functions
16-Mar-11 Timo Betcke (UCL)

Spectral Properties of Boundary Integral Operators in High-frequency Acoustic Scattering


Term 1 2010/11 - The seminars are held on Wednesdays at 14:00 in Room MS.B3.03 - Mathematics Institute unless indicated

Programme (PDF Document)

06-Oct-10 Colin Macdonald (Oxford) The numerical solution of partial differential equations on surfaces with the Closest Point Method
13-Oct-10 (15:00) Klaus Boehmer (Marburg) On finite element Methods for Fully Nonlinear Second Order Elliptic Equations
20-Oct-10 Axel Voigt (Dresden) Colloidal particles on fluid-fluid interfaces - combining Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes models with classical dynamic density functional theory
27-Oct-10 Carlo Barenghi (Newcastle) Velocity statistics in quantum turbulence
03-Nov-10 Oliver Dorn (Manchester) Level Set Methods for Structural Inversion and Image Reconstruction
10-Nov-10 Carola Schönlieb (Cambridge) Domain decomposition for total variation regularized parallel MRI
17-Nov-10   No Seminar
24-Nov-10 Radek Erban (Oxford) Stochastic modelling of reaction, diffusion and taxis processes in biology

Sebastian Wieczorek

Tipping points in open systems: The example of the compost-bomb instability
08-Dec-10 Mason Porter(Oxford) Nonlinear Waves in Granular Crystals