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Applied Mathematics Seminar 2016-17

Organisers: Andreas Dedner, Charlie Elliott, Björn Stinner

The seminars are held on Fridays at 12:00 in Room MA_B3.02 - Mathematics Institute unless indicated

Term 1 2016/17

  • 7 Oct B. Leimkuhler (Edinburgh) Adaptive stochastic algorithms for particle systems in and out of equilibrium
  • 14 Oct Robert Nürnberg (Imperial) Coupling Navier--Stokes to Willmore: Numerical approximation of dynamic biomembranes
  • 21 Oct Andrew Archer (Loughborough) Freezing and solidification: patterns formed in soft matter after a quench
  • 28 Oct Yulii Shikhmurzaev (Birmingham) Wetting fronts in porous media: Modelling results and emerging issues
  • 4 Nov TBC
  • 11 Nov Hong Duong (Warwick) How many equilibria does a random evolutionary game have?
  • 18 Nov Bagus Muljadi (Imperial) Multiscale methods for flow and transport modelling in heterogeneous porous media
  • 25 Nov Jens Eggers (Bristol) Self-similar structure of caustics and shock formation
  • 2 Dec Abdul-Lateef Haji-Ali (Oxford) Multilevel and Multi-index Monte Carlo methods for the McKean-Vlasov equation
  • 9 Dec Fotini Karakatsani (Chester) On the error control for fully discrete approximations of evolution PDEs

Term 2 2016/17

Term 3 2016/17