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Combinatorics Seminar

For 2022-23, the Combinatorics Seminar will be held 2-3pm on Fridays in B3.02. The seminar is organised by Richard Montgomery, Matías Pavez-Signé (Term 1 and 3) and Candida Bowtell (Term 2).

Term 2

Date Name Title Note
13th Jan Christian Ikenmeyer Characters of the symmetric group and combinatorial interpretations  
20th Jan Amedeo Sgueglia A general approach to rainbow versions of Dirac-type theorems  
27th Jan Freddie Illingworth Reconstructing a point set from a random subset of its pairwise distances  
3rd Feb Shumin Sun Factors in quasi-random hypergraphs  
10th Feb Nora Frankl TBC  
17th Feb Mehtaab Sawney TBC  
24th Feb Amarja Kathapurkar TBC  
3rd March Jozef Skokan TBC  
10th March Jane Tan TBC  
17th March Joseph Hyde TBC  

Term 1

Date Name Title Note
7th Oct Mustazee Rahman Suboptimality of local algorithms for optimization on sparse graphs  
14th Oct Candy Bowtell The n-queens problem  
21st Oct Daniel Iľkovič Quasirandom tournaments  
28th Oct Bertille Granet Hamilton decompositions of regular bipartite tournaments  
4th Nov Alp Muyesser Hypergraphs defined by groups  
11th Nov Adva Mond Minimum degree edge-disjoint Hamilton cycles in random directed graphs  
18th Nov Shoham Letzter Separating paths systems of almost linear size  
25th Nov ---    
2nd Dec Bernd Schulze Geometric Rigidity Theory and Applications  
9th Dec Zoltán Vidnyánszky Borel combinatorics, the LOCAL model and complexity