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Reading Seminar on Derived Algebraic Geometry

When: Thursdays 10-12, Term 3, 2017/2018

Location: MS.03 (weeks 1-2), MS0.4 (weeks 3-10)

Organisers: Marco Schlichting and Ferdinando Zanchetta

Contacts: and

Aim and description: The aim of the seminar is to study some Derived Algebraic Geometry (DAG) mostly in the form of Jacob Lurie's thesis. We will go through the foundations of the subject and then we will cover some additional advanced topics, depending on the taste of the participants. Some general references we will follow can be found below. More specialized papers will be listed while we proceed.

This seminar is a follow up seminar of our Infinity categories seminar. But we will review prerequisites.

References: see below.


Some References: