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Reading Seminar on Infinity Categories

When: The seminar will be running in Term 2, 2017/2018 on Thursdays 11AM-1PM starting from Week 2.

Location: B3.01, Mathematics Institute.

Organisers: Marco Schlichting and Ferdinando Zanchetta

Contacts: You can write us an email at or at

Change of schedule weeks 7-8: We are having an extra session in week 7 on Tuesday 9-11 AM, taking place in room S0.18. Also, in week 8 we will meet on Tuesday 9-11AM room S0.18.

 Aim: The aim of the seminar is to give an introduction to the language of infinity categories sufficient to read the literature that uses it. We will roughly use the book "Higher categories and homotopical algebra" by Cisinski as a syllabus.

Suggested References:

- D.C.Cisinski "Higher categories and homotopical algebra"

- J.Lurie "Higher Topos Theory"

- A. Joyal "Notes on quasi-categories"

- C. Rezk "Stuff About Quasicategories"


Term 3: We are having a seminar on Derived Algebraic Geometry, see the webpage DAG Seminar