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The DAGGER seminar is an informal seminar for early researchers in Dynamics, Geometry and Topology at Warwick. The aim is to provide an accessible setting where postgraduate students and postdocs can talk about their research or any topic that they have been learning about recently. In other words, any topic that interests you and that might interest other postgrads can be discussed here.

That said, students and postdocs from other areas are encouraged to participate too! Also, if you are a third or fourth year student interested in these areas you are welcome to join!

The talks will take place Mondays 2pm-3pm, in B3.02. This term, the seminar will have a hybrid format, with an option to join virtually on Microsoft Teams. Here is the link to join the team.Link opens in a new window

If you would like to give a talk or suggest a speaker, please contact AndreasLink opens in a new window, David, Link opens in a new windowThomas, Link opens in a new windowor WillLink opens in a new window.

Term 1

Date Room Speaker Title
4th Oct 2021 B3.02 Introductory Session N/A
11th Oct 2021 B3.02 Marco Linton (University of Warwick) Dynamics and isoperimetric inequalities of double mapping tori
18th Oct 2021 B3.02 Kiho Park (Korea Institute for Advanced Study) Transfer operators and limit laws for typical cocycles
25th Oct 2021 B3.02 Leticia Pardo Simón (University of Manchester) The maximum modulus set of an entire function

1st Nov 2021


Alex Levine (Heriot-Watt University) Groups, equations and languages
8th Nov 2021 B3.02 No seminar N/A
15th Nov 2021 B3.02 James Everitt (University of Warwick) Transitivity Properties of Dynamical Systems on Covers
22nd Nov 2021 B3.02 Alex Kapiamba (University of Michigan) The Yoccoz inequality
29th Nov 2021 B3.02 Kevin Li (University of Southampton) Generalised Lusternik--Schnirelmann category of groups
6th Dec 2021 B3.02 Mario Shannon (PennState University) Birkhoff sections on suspension Anosov and affine structures

Term 2

Date Room Speaker Title
10th Jan 2022 N/A No seminar N/A
17th Jan 2022 B3.02 Xabier Legaspi Juanatey (Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas) On growth rate of quasi-convex subgroups and constricting elements
24th Jan 2022 B3.02 No seminar N/A
31st Jan 2022 B3.02 Gustavo Rodrigues Ferreira (Open University) Internal dynamics of wandering domains: a quick guide
7th Feb 2022 B3.02 Macarena Arenas (University of Cambridge) A cubical Rips construction
14th Feb 2022 B3.02 Luke Jeffreys (University of Bristol) Ratio-optimising pseudo-Anosovs in the Johnson filtration
21st Feb 2022 B3.02 Tania Gricel Benitez (University of Liverpool) Postponed due to UCU strike action
28th Feb 2022 B3.02 Will Hide (Durham University) Spectral gaps for random hyperbolic surfaces with cusps
7th Mar 2022 MS.04 Will O'Regan (University of Warwick) Dimension drop for projected self-similar measures
14th Mar 2022 B3.02 Thomas Richards (University of Warwick) External rays, monodromy, and complex Hénon maps

Term 3

Date Room Speaker Title
25th April 2022 B3.02 Selim Ghazouani (Imperial) Are dynamicists of any use to physicists?
2nd May 2022 B3.02 No seminar N/A
9th May 2022 B3.02 Tania Gricel Benitez (University of Liverpool) Transcendental entire functions with pseudo-arcs Julia continua
16th May 2022 B3.02

Leonidas Daskalakis (Rutgers University)

Quantitative forms of pointwise convergence of Ergodic Averages
23rd May 2022 B3.02

No seminar

30th May 2022 B3.02

Amlan Banaji (St. Andrews)

Dimensions of infinitely generated self-conformal sets
6th June 2022 B3.02 British Mathematical Colloquium N/A
13th June 2022 B3.02 Vilma Orgoványi (Budapest University of Technology & Economics) Orthogonal projections of the random Menger sponge
20th June 2022 B3.02 Marc Homs Dones (University of Warwick) Simplest bifurcation diagram of vector fields on a torus
27th June 2022 B3.02 Nicholas Fleming Vázquez (University of Warwick) Optimal iterated moment bounds for nonuniformly hyperbolic maps