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GT Reading Seminar 2013-14

Bestvina-Handel Algorithm

Organiser: Mark Bell

The aim of this seminar is to understand the Bestvina-Handel algorithm - an algorithm for finding a train track map representing a given irreducible free group automorphism. This can be used to give an algorithmic proof of the Nielsen–Thurston classification theorem. The seminar will take place between 12noon and 2pm on Thursdays in MS.B3.01 in the Mathematics Institute. It will start 23rd January (Week 3) and all are welcome to attend. See the schedule below for further details of topics.

The contents of the seminar will be based on a paper of Mladen Bestvina and chapter 3 of "Introduction to Group Theory" by Oleg Bogopolski. However, Bestvina and Handel's origional papers Train-tracks and automorphisms of free groups and Train-tracks for surface homeomorphisms may also be useful or of interest. We will try to give the general definitions required in each of the topics, though it may be helpful to have an idea of group presentations and the mapping class group.

Feel free to contact me if you would like more information or to be added to the mailing list.


Term 2:
Week Date Speaker Topic Pages
3 23/01 Saul Schleimer Free Groups N/A
4 30/01 Saul Schleimer
Free Groups II
5 06/02 Damiano Lupi
Outer space 2-5
6 13/02

Francesca Iezzi

Elliptics and Hyperbolics
7 20/02 Francesca Iezzi Elliptics and Hyperbolics II 5-8
8 27/02 Mark Bell Parabolics 8-11
9 06/03 Ian Vincent Train Tracks 11-13
10 13/03 TBC TBC  

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