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Junior Algebraic geometry Warwick Seminar (JAWS)

Welcome to JAWS, the new "nerve-frying" junior algebraic geometry seminar at Warwick!

Want to be part of this bunch of ravenous algebro-geometric jaws? This seminar is what you are looking for!

You'll find a vibrant group of PhD students and young researchers in Algebraic Geometry and related fields welcoming the special guest: the speaker of the week!

Whether you wish to show a piece of your progress, a new topic that fascinated you, or you simply need new appetising nourishments for your greedy minds, this is the right place.


"Come to the dark side, we have cakes!" ... and refreshments in the common room afterwards!

On a serious note: this seminar consists of weekly talks held at the Maths Institute of the University of Warwick.
Times and places can vary throughout the year: please check the updated calendar below.

Abstracts for past talks can be found at the link at the top of the page.

Upcoming Talks




Alice Cuzzucoli

Livia Campo

If you wish to give a talk, or know someone interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us.