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Stochastic Analysis 2011-12

Stochastic analysis seminar 2011/2012
University of Warwick
Unless otherwise specified, the stochastic analysis seminar takes place on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm in the seminar room B3.02.
Term 1
04.10.2011 Clément Mouhot (Cambridge) Tuesday in B1:01 at 4pm
Kac's program in kinetic theory
12.10.2011 Ben Graham (Warwick)
Metastability in the dilute Ising model
19.10.2011 Florent Barret (Paris)
Sharp asymptotics of metastable transition times for space time white-noise one dimensional SPDEs
02.11.2011 Andrew Wade (Strathclyde)
Random walk with barycentric self-interaction
09.11.2011 Augusto Teixeira (ENS Paris)
Critical window for the vacant set left by random walk on random regular graphs
23.11.2011 Krzysztof Bogdan (Wroclaw)
On Hardy spaces
30.11.2011 Dmitry Belyaev (Oxford)
Two-point Schramm's formula and SLE(8/3)-bubbles
07.12.2011 Jan Maas (Bonn)
Gradient flows of the entropy for finite Markov chains
Term 2
11.01.2012 Emmanuel Jacob (ENS Lyon)
Second order reflections of the integrated Brownian motion
18.01.2012 Ioan Manolescu (Cambridge)
Bond Percolation on Isoradial Graphs
25.01.2012 Jérémie Unterberger (Nancy)
An introduction to rough path theory. At the crossroads between stochastic calculus and renormalization theory.
01.02.2012 Wilhelm Stannat (Berlin)
Stochastic stability of travelling waves in the Nagumo equation
08.02.2012 Stavros Vakeroudis (Manchester)
Windings of planar Brownian motion and Bougerol's identity
15.02.2012 Stochastic Analysis / Midlands Probability Seminar (joint with the Department of Statistics)
All talks will be held in B3:02
2:00 Peter Mörters (Bath) Shifting Brownian motion
3:30 Philippe Carmona (Nantes) The discrete-time parabolic Anderson model with heavy-tailed potential
4:30 Naotaka Kajino (Bielefeld) Weyl's Laplacian eigenvalue asymptotics for the measurable Riemannian structure on the Sierpinski gasket
29.02.2012 Steffen Dereich (Marburg)
Condensation effects in preferential attachment models with fitness
07.03.2012 Martin Barlow (UBC)
04.04.2012 Massimilliano Gubinelli (Paris)
Regularisation by oscillations
Term 3
02.05.2012 Daniel Ueltschi (Warwick)11am B3:02
Reflection positivity and infrared bounds in a random loop model
09.05.2012 TBA Room MS:04
16.05.2012 Govind Menon (Brown) Room MS:04
Complete integrability of shock clustering and Burgers turbulence
23.05.2012 Antoine Gloria (Lille)
Random parking measure, Euclidean functionals and rubber elasticity
30.05.2012 Gautam Iyer (Carnegie-Mellon)
Homogenization under fast cellular flow
06.06.2012 Artem Sapozhnikov (ETH Zurich)
Random walk on discrete torus and random interlacements
13.06.2012 Vladislav Kargin (Cambridge)
On the sum of random projections
20.06.2012 Sergei Nechaev (Orsay) 4:30pm
Statistical physics behind the locally free groups
27.06.2012 Matthias Erbar
Gradient flows of the entropy for jump processes
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