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Probability 2013-14

Probability seminar 2013/2014
University of Warwick
Unless otherwise specified, the probability seminar takes place on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm in room B3.02.
Term 1
02.10.2013 Andreas Eberle (Bonn)
Contractivity w.r.t. Kantorovich distances for diffusion processes in high dimensions
09.10.2013 Bálint Tóth (Bristol)
CLT for random walks in divergence-free random drift field: H_{-1} suffices
16.10.2013 Rémi Rhodes (Paris IX)
Complex Gaussian multiplicative chaos
23.10.2013 Midlands Probability Seminar (joint with the Statistics Department)
2:00 Victor Rivero (CIMAT) Asymptotic behaviour of first passage time distributions for Lévy Processes
3:00 Ben Graham (Warwick) Communicating over a deletion channel: Cmnicainvra etion annl
4:30 Marton Balazs (Bristol) Second class particles can perform random walks (in some cases)
30.10.2013 Partha Dey (Warwick)
A new approach to Stein's method for normal approximation
06.11.2013 Midlands Probability Seminar (joint with the Statistics Department)
2:30 Terry Soo (Warwick) A monotone Sinai theorem
4:00 Sunil Chhita (KTH) Coupling functions of domino tilings of the Aztec diamonds
13.11.2013 Nathan Glatt-Holtz (Virginia Tech)
Inviscid Limits for the Stochastic Navier Stokes Equations and Related Systems
27.11.2013 Sebastian Andres (Bonn)
Invariance Principle for the Random Conductance Model in a degenerate ergodic environment
04.12.2013 Hiro Oh (Edinburgh)
Invariant Gibbs measures for NLS on the circle and the real line
Term 2
08.01.2014 Benedicte Haas (Paris Dauphine)
The stable trees are nested
15.01.2014 Christophe Garban (ENS Lyon)
Scaling limit of the Minimal Spanning Tree in the plane
22.01.2014 Leonid Koralov (U. Maryland)
Critical and Near-Critical Behavior of Polymer Measures
29.01.2014 Xiong Jin (Manchester)
On exact-scaling log-infinitely divisible cascades
05.02.2014 Richard Nickl (Cambridge)
The Bernstein-von Mises phenomenon in Bayesian Nonparametrics
12.02.2014 Midlands Probability Seminar (joint with Stats) First two talks in A1.01
1:30 François Delarue (Nice) Rough paths and 1d SDE with a time dependent distributional drift
2:30 Jesse Goodman (Technion) The gaps left by a Brownian motion
4:00 Zemer Kosloff (Warwick) Weak invariance principle for the local times of partial sums of Markov Chains
19.02.2014 Laure Dumaz (Cambridge)
Tracy Widom beta distributions from the Stochastic Airy Operator point of view
26.02.2014 Weijun Xu (Warwick)
Nonlinear perturbations of the stochastic Allen-Cahn equation
05.03.2014 D. Kelly (UNC)
Fast-slow systems with chaotic noise
12.03.2014 Midlands Probability Seminar (joint with Stats) First two talks in A1.01
1:30 Leif Döring (Zürich) Self-Similarity, Voter Processes and Catalytic Branching SPDEs
2:30 Lennart Bondesson (Umeå) On a class of probability distributions that is closed with respect to addition and multiplication of independent random variables
4:00 Florence Merlevede (Marne-la-Vallée) Strong approximations in the dependent case
Term 3
30.04.2014 Jon Warren (Warwick)
Convex solutions to an elliptic pde
07.05.2014 David Cimasoni (Geneva)
Studying the two-dimensional Ising model using Kac-Ward matrices
14.05.2014 Midlands Probability Seminar (joint with the Statistics Department)
1:30 Christina Goldschmidt (Oxford) Behaviour near the extinction time in self-similar fragmentation chains
2:30 Enrico Scalas (Sussex) On the compound fractional Poisson process
4:00 Alan Sola (Cambridge) Small-particle limits in a regularized Laplacian random growth model
21.05.2014 (MS.04) Kenneth Alexander (USC)
Polymer pinning with sparse disorder
30.05.2014 (MS.01) Jean-Christophe Mourrat (ENS Lyon)
Fluctuations in homogenization
04.06.2014 Zhongyang Li (Cambridge)
Self-avoiding walks on regular graphs
11.06.2014 Thomas Duquesne (Paris)
Exceptionnally small balls in stable trees
18.06.2014 Greg Pavliotis (Imperial College)
Accelerating Convergence to Equilibrium for Diffusion Processes
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