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MiR@W day: Distances between probability distributions

24 February 2014

Organiser: Robert MacKay

All lectures to be held in B3.02, Zeeman building

Various of us around the University of Warwick find the need for metrics on spaces of probability distributions, and two visitors last term spoke on examples, but there is a bewildering variety of options. The aim of the afternoon is to share experiences and prejudices.


12.30-13.00 Buffet lunch in the Mathematics Institute Common Room
13.05-13.30 Robert MacKay, Survey
13.35-14.00 Mark Girolami (Statistics) Integrated squared distance and non-parametric density estimation
14.05-14.30 Andrew Stuart (Maths) Metrics on Probability Measures for Data Assimilation and Inverse Problems
14.35-15.00 Paul Chleboun (IAS & Maths) Total variation mixing times, relaxation and related phenomena in kinetically constrained models
15:05-15:30 Tea break in the Mathematics Institute Common Room
15.35-15.50 Thomas House (Maths, Complexity Science and WIDER) Measures on complex networks and spaces of complex networks
15.55-16.10 Darek Ceglarek (WMG) Fault Classification and Process Adjustment using integrated Mahalanobis-Taguchi System, Rough Sets and non-parametric Kernel Density Estimates
16.15-16.30 Peter Hammond (Economics) Neighbouring expectations in decision and game theory
16.35-16.50 Manuela Bujorianu (Maths) Use of Dobrushin metric to analyse time-inhomogeneous probabilistic cellular automata
16.55-17.05 Discussion
17.05-17.35 Guest lecture: John Maddocks (Lausanne) Absolute v Relative (or Kullback-Leibler) Entropy principles for parameter-fitting in coarse-grain DNA models
17.40-18.30 Drinks and snacks in the Mathematics Institute Common Room