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MIRaW – Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research at Warwick

MIR@W Events Term 1 2018/19

Nonlinear Systems Today
3 December 2018
Organisers: Robert MacKay, Barbel Finkenstadt Rand

MIR@W Events Term 2 2018/19

The Dynamics of Money
4 February 2019
Organisers: Sam Forbes, Stefan Grosskinsky, Alexander Karalis Isaac (Economics)

Modelling and Calibration of Pedestrian Dynamics
25 February 2019
Organisers: Susana Gomes, Marie-Therese Wolfram

Plasmas in Magnetic Fields
4 March 2019
Organisers: Robert Mackay, Ben McMillan (Physics)

Soft Elicitation
11 March 2019
Organisers: Simon French (Statistics), Leroy White (Business School)

MIR@W Events Term 3 2018/19

For further information contact:

MIRaW Programme Secretary
Mathematics Institute
Zeeman Building
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL, UK