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MiR@W/CoSyDy Day: Control of Complex Systems

Organisers: Michael Tildesley (Warwick) and Robert MacKay (Warwick)


12:15 Buffet Lunch in the Mathematics Institute Common Room

13:00 Welcome from the organizers (Mike Tildesley, Robert MacKay)

13:10-13:45 J. White (Bath) Understanding the impact of public health intervention strategies: a
contribution using mathematical models

13:50-14:25 A. Veretennikov (Leeds) On ergodic control for degenerate diffusions

14:30-15:05 S.Brand/M.Keeling (Warwick) Optimal Spatial Vaccination Before and During an Outbreak

15:10-15:40 Tea in the Mathematics Institute Common Room

15:40-16:15 M. di Bernardo (Bristol) Synchronization and Control of Evolving Dynamical Networks

16:20-16:55 V. Kolokoltsov (Warwick) Mean field and nonlinear Markov control

17:00-17:35 J. Edmunds (LSHTM) Control by vaccination: fine tuning with a sledgehammer

17:40 Wine and snacks in the Mathematics Institute Common Room

For further information contact:

MIRaW Programme Secretary
Mathematics Institute
Zeeman Building
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL, UK

E-mail: MRC at warwick dot ac dot uk