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MIRaW - Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research at Warwick

Monday 18 May 2009
Tasters in complex systems

Organiser: Markus Kirkilionis

All talks will be in Lecture Room B3.02, Mathematics Institute

13.10 Welcome, Markus Kirkilionis

13.15-13.40 Francois Képès (Paris) Epigenomics and Morphodynamics

13.45-14.10 Holger Kantz (Dresden) Extreme Events in Complex Systems

14.15-14.40 Andras Lorincz (Budapest) The Turing game approach to cognition, serious gaming and social networks

14.45-15.10 Mark Chaplain (Dundee) Multiscale modelling of cancer growth and development

15.15 Tea in the Mathematics Institute Common Room

15.45-16.10 Felix Reed-Tsochas (Oxford) A bipartite cooperation model for ecological and social networks

16.15-16.27 Jeffrey Johnson (Open Univ) Multilevel Hypernetworks

16.30-16.42 Robert MacKay, The Mathematics of Emergence ((PDF Document) pdf of talk)

16.45-16.57 Markus Kirkilionis, Regulation, Feedback, Networks and Stability: Essential Complex Systems?

17.00 Drinks and nibbles in the Mathematics Institute Common Room