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Departments of Mathematics and Statistics Platform Grant (WAMP)

This webpage contains background information and application forms for obtaining support from this grant (which lasted for 5 years 2011-16).


All staff from the Mathematics and Statistics Departments are invited to apply for support within the following six schemes:

  • Short term post-doctoral researchers for periods of between 2 weeks and 3 months (but in exceptional circumstances for longer periods) in order attract young stars for short periods. This could include hosting outstanding candidates who are preparing EPSRC or Marie Curie fellowship application in areas of strategic importance. WAMP would only consider high-flyers for post-doctoral bids under this heading. In exceptional circumstances this could be used to extend the appointment of a very promising PDRA. Over the duration of the grant, a budget for 42 months PDRA is available.
  • Senior visitors (designated Distinguished Professorships where appropriate) for one to three months, specifically in areas of strategic importance. This could for example be used to attract distinguished professors at relatively short notice. Normally, it would be expected that alternative funding for these visits will be sought, but WAMP could act as guarantor. Over the duration of the grant, a budget for £50K is available for the duration of the grant.
  • Warwick Mathematics Lectures. This is intended for prestigious lectures, aimed at an audience of mathematicians, but not usually geared towards specialists only. These lectures are to be advertised widely in UK and Europe, possibly with a prize or so attached. £15K is available per year for these lectures.
  • Warwick Public Lectures in Mathematics & Statistics. Aim is to create a series of lectures of high profile (akin to similar lecture series in other mathematics and statistics departments). £3K is available per year for these lectures.
  • Innovative public engagement initiatives. This would support the cost of organising such an event, including the cost of attracting a speaker. It may be a good idea to invite a journalist to be co-organiser for such an event.
  • Spontaneous workshops and exploratory meetings, e.g. on emerging "hot topics" or on topics which involve interactions between researchers in different fields.
  • Limited travel funds / short term visits. These would be for visits for research or feasibility - normally for unusual travels (e.g. attending a conference on an area which is not within someone's primary expertise).

Other headings under which support may be sought:

  • Research Impulse: Support for strategically important research projects, normally for up to £1000.
  • Workshop Support: This concerns funding for high profile research workshops.
  • Support from Audio Visual Services to film lectures and create podcasts for dissemination of academic results.


Applications should be submitted through the online system. If you need help with this, please email to c dot a dot richley at warwick dot ac dot uk

Applicants may be advised to discuss a proposal with Saul Jacka or Charlie Elliott before submitting.

Please include in the application (i) your name, (ii) the project title, (iii) which of the above schemes the application falls under (iv) description of project and the main objectives, (v) strategic motivation (including potential for follow-up funding, where relevant), (vi) budget (broken down into travel, accommodation and subsistence and complimentary funding) and (vii) complementary/alternative funding source.

Applications will be considered by a small panel of people from the maths and statistics departments: Charles Elliott, Saul Jacka, Colin Sparrow . A decision on the application will be made within one month. Please DO NOT spend or commit money before a decision has been made.