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URSS and Department Affiliation

The Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS) allows maths undergraduates to participate in research, supervised by a member of staff, over 6-10 weeks in the summer vacation. The URSS enables undergraduates to enhance their research and transferable skills (e.g. presentation and science communication), making the experience a valuable addition to your CV.

The application deadline is usually in February (check the URSS website) but you should not leave applications to the last minute. There is an online application form and students and supervisors will have to work together to complete the form.
New to 2021/22 round: the URSS now features a public engagement strand, with a separate application form, but the same deadline as the research URSS.

Examples of projects in mathematics

Here are the titles of funded maths URSS from 2018 to 2021.
Typically there will be 20-30 funded projects each year.
The URSS website also hosts a Showcase of recent posters and papers.

LMS undergraduate research scheme

An alternative to the URSS is the LMS undergraduate research bursaries. More details here.

Departmental funding

The department may be able to fund a small number of unsuccessful URSS or LMS UG research applications. These will be capped at £1,000.
The department does not fund student research projects that have not been through either the URSS or LMS application process.

Key info for students

  • Browse through the research groups within the department and see who does what research.
  • Approach staff to supervise a URSS project as early as possible - certainly some time in Term 1. Any later and you will be unlikely to find a supervisor.
  • It might be useful to talk to more than one potential supervisor.
  • Before you apply, note that the URSS process only ends some time in Term 1 of the following academic year. Along the way, you will be required to produce a variety of research outputs. You will certainly be kept busy.
  • Talk to the Maths Society if you are unsure. They may be able to put you in touch with someone who has completed the URSS.
  • We strongly encourage applications from students from under-represented backgrounds as part of the Department's commitment to the Athena Swan principles.