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Past Projects 2019/20

Problem descriptions

Here are the study group problems from 2019/20, as presented at the MathSys RSG workshop in February 2020.

  • Research Study Group A -
    Wealth Dynamics: Reallocation, Debt, and Bankruptcy
    Colm Connaughton (Maths)
    Students: Abi Coleman, James Price, Jake Thomas
    Poster and Written Report
  • Research Study Group B - in collaboration with UKAEA (UK Atomic Energy Authority)

    Application of Bayesian methods to time-parallelization
    Lynton Appel (UKAEA) & Massi Tamborrino (Stats)
    Students: Jacques Bara, Haoran Ni, Jimmy McKendrick, Kamran Pentland, Yijie Zhou
    Poster and Written Report

  • Research Study Group C - in collaboration with Intelligent Imaging

    Creating synthetic 3D biological cell data using Generative Adversarial Networks
    Ben Atkinson (Intelligent Imaging) and Till Bretschneider (Computer Science)
    Students: Daniel Catchpole, Nayef Shkeir, Adam Smith
    Poster and Written Report

  • Research Study Group D - in collaboration with the Department of Health

    Predicting the impact of childhood vaccines: Health and Economics
    Tom Irving (Department of Health) & Matt Keeling (Maths & Life Sciences)
    Students: Francesca Basini, David Helekal, Melissa Iacovidou, Swetha Usha Lal, Yiping Zhang
    Poster and Written Report