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Society for Acute Medicine Benchmarking Audit 2019 (SAMBA 2019): Trends in Acute Medical Care

Holland M, Subbe C, Atkin C, Knight T, Cooksley T, Lasserson DS.

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 13:19 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

Acute care service performance during winter: report from the winter SAMBA 2020 national audit of acute care

Atkin C, Knight T, Subbe C, Holland M, Cooksley T, Lasserson D.

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 13:18 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

Clinical trials in critical care: can a Bayesian approach enhance clinical and scientific decision making

Yarnell CJ, Abrams D, Baldwin MR, Brodie D, Fan E, Ferguson ND, Hua M, Madahar P, McAuley DF, Munshi L, Perkins GD et al.

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 13:17 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

Changes in weekend and weekday care quality of emergency medical admissions to 20 hospitals in England during implementation of the 7-day services national health policy.

Bion J, Aldridge C, Girling AJ, Rudge G, Sun J, Tarrant C, Sutton E, Willars J, Beet C, Boyal A, Rees P, Roseveare C, Temple M, Watson SI, Chen YF, Clancy M, Rowan L, Lord J, Mannion R, Hofer T, Lilford R.

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 13:13 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

Incidence of sudden cardiac death in the young: a systematic review

Couper K, Putt O, Field R, Poole K, Bradlow W, Clarke A, Perkins GD, Royle P, Yeung J, Taylor-Phillips S

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 13:10 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

Cost-effectiveness of adrenaline for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Achana F, Petrou S, Madan J, Khan K, Ji C, Hossain A, Lall R, Slowther AM, Deakin CD, Quinn T, Nolan JP, Pocock H, Rees N, Smyth M, Gates S, Gardiner D, Perkins GD; PARAMEDIC2 Collaborators.

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 13:09 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

Measuring geographical disparities in England at the time of COVID-19: results using a composite indicator of population vulnerability

Nicodemo C, Barzin S, Cavalli N, Lasserson D, Moscone F, Redding S, Shaikh M.

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 13:08 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

"Sorry, what did you say?" Communicating defibrillator retrieval and use in OHCA emergency calls

Perera N, Ball S, Birnie T, Morgan A, Riou M, Whiteside A, Perkins GD, Bray J, Fatovich DM, Cameron P, Brink D, Bailey P, Finn J.

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 13:06 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

Removal of foreign body airway obstruction: A systematic review of interventions

Couper K, Hassan AA, Ohri V, Patterson E, Tang HT, Bingham R, Olasveengen T, Perkins GD.

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 13:04 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

Improving Empathy in Healthcare Consultations-a Secondary Analysis of Interventions.

Smith KA, Bishop FL, Dambha-Miller H, Ratnapalan M, Lyness E, Vennik J, Hughes S, Bostock J, Morrison L, Mallen C, Yardley L, Everitt H, Little P, Howick J.

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 11:59 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

Managing hypertension in frail oldest-old-The role of guideline use by general practitioners from 29 countries.

Roulet C, Rozsnyai Z, Jungo KT, A van der Ploeg M, Floriani C, Kurpas D, Vinker S, Kreitmayer Pestic S, Petrazzuoli F, Hoffmann K, Viegas RPA, Mallen C, Tatsioni A, Maisonneuve H, Collins C, Lingner H, Tsopra R, Mueller Y, Poortvliet RKE, Gussekloo J, Streit S.

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 11:58 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

Osmotherapy in traumatic brain injury

Rowland MJ, Veenith T, Hutchinson PJ, Perkins GD.

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 11:54 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

The influence of time to adrenaline administration in the Paramedic 2 randomised controlled trial

Perkins GD, Kenna C, Ji C, Deakin CD, Nolan JP, Quinn T, Scomparin C, Fothergill R, Gunson I, Pocock H, Rees N, O'Shea L, Finn J, Gates S, Lall R.

Thu 10 Dec 2020, 11:52 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

A Multi-centre open label two-arm randomised superiority trial of azithromycin versus usual clinical care in ambulatory COVID-19:study protocol for the ATOMIC2 trial

Hinks TSC, Barber VS, Black J, Dutton SJ, Jabeen M, Melhorn J, Rahman NM, Richards D, Lasserson D, Pavord ID, Bafadhel M.

Mon 17 Aug 2020, 00:00 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

Paediatric contacts with the UK out-of-hours primary care service and contact outcomes: a regional service evaluation

Edwards G, Brettell R, Bird C, Hunt H, Lasserson DS, Hayward GN.

Tue 14 Jul 2020, 00:00 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

Systematic exploration of the number and quality of local reviews of the care of maternal deaths in the UK and Ireland between 2012- 2014: a case note review study

These publications are for CLARHC / ARC projects undertaken. For a more complete list of publications please see individuals websites

Cross-Sudworth, F, Knight, M, Goodwin, L & Kenyon, S 2019,

BMJ Open 2019;9:e029552. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-029552

Mon 01 Jun 2020, 00:00 | Tags: Maternity CLARHC-Maternity

Intrapartum‐related perinatal deaths in births planned in midwifery‐led settings in Great Britain: findings and recommendations from the ESMiE confidential enquiry

Rowe R, Draper ES, Kenyon S, Bevan C, Dickens J, Forrester M, Scanlan R, Tuffnell D, Kurinczuk JJ

BJOG. 2020 May 21

Thu 21 May 2020, 00:00 | Tags: Maternity Theme 4 Publications

The prognostic value of national early warning scores during transfer of care from community settings to hospital

Inada Kim M, Knight T, Sullivan M, Pike N, Ainsworth-Smith M, Richardson M, Hayward GN, Lasserson DS.

Tue 12 May 2020, 00:00 | Tags: Acute Care Interfaces Theme 2

An assets-based intervention before and after birth to improve breastfeeding initiation and continuation: the ABA feasibility RCT.

, , , , , D, , , , , , , .

Southampton (UK): NIHR Journals Library; .
Wed 01 Apr 2020, 00:00 | Tags: Maternity Theme 4 Publications

"Are you doing your pelvic floor?" An ethnographic exploration of the interaction between women and midwives about pelvic floor muscle exercises (PFME) during pregnancy

Terry R, Jarvie R, Hay-Smith J, Salmon V, Pearson M, Boddy K, MacArthur C, Dean S.

Midwifery. 2020 Jan 22;83

Wed 22 Jan 2020, 00:00 | Tags: Maternity Theme 4 Publications

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