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Theme 8 Projects

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Advancing clinical leadership to improve the implementation of evidence-based practice in surgery

Leads: Dr Amy Grove, Public Health

Dates: Dec 2019-March 2025

Mon 13 Sep 2021, 12:46 | Tags: Public Health Amy Grove

Determining Optimal Strategies for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: Systematic Review, Network Meta-Analysis and Cost-Effectiveness Review

Leads: Dr Olalekan Uthman, Prof Aileen Clarke, Dr Lena Al-Khudairy, Dr Amy Grove (Public Health), Dr Nick Parsons (Meths)

Dates: February 2019 – July 2021

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Breast Cancer Screening: Rapid Review and Evidence Map

Leads: Dr Lena Al-Khudairy, Dr Amy Grove, Prof Aileen Clarke, Dr Karoline Freeman (Public Health), Dr Angela Noufaily (Meths)

Dates: 01/09/2020 – 31/03/2021

COVID-19 in Cardiac Arrest and Infection Risk to Rescuers: A Systematic Review

Leads: Dr Amy Grove (Public Health), Prof Gavin Perkins, Dr Keith Couper (Acute Care Interfaces)

Dates: March 2020 - April 2020

Implementation of Findings from Clinical Trials to Inform Evidence into Practice Initiatives

Leads: Dr Kelly-Ann Schmidtke, Dr Amy Grove (Meths), Mr Aneel Bhangu (Long-term Conditions)

Dates: September 2020 - January 2022