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The ‘e’ in e-learning has played a significant role in developing new technologies that have brought choice, diversity and collaborative approaches to learning, teaching and admin processes.

Staff and student e-learning experiences have historically been primarily based on the use of the Internet, email and file stores with focus on content rather than collaboration. However digital technology is now ubiquitous and increasingly the ‘e’ in e-learning is not electronic; instead the ‘e’ focuses on enhanced learning.

We are seeking to share our passion for enhanced learning and facilitate learning using technology to enhance choice, diversity and collaborative approaches. E-learning or as it is now referred to, Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) is an ideal platform for providing flexible e-solutions and enrichment to learning, teaching and admin processes.

Warwick launched an initiative known as the Extended Classroom. Collaborative working between professional services and academic departments has been built on through the response to changes in practice during the pandemic.

There are many opportunities for sharing of information about successful technology enhanced active learning (TEAL) techniques and technologies.

Join the extended classroom TEAL conversations in the MS Team space.

Join the Learning Design Consultancy Unit (LDCU) activities in the MS Team space.