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Digital Experience

The role of digital skills, and the roles of leaders in education engaging in digital skills has been highlighted in a variety of reports including the Select Committee on Digital Skills own report, Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future. This report is a call to action for the incoming Government in May 2015.

What are the drivers for change?

Reflect on your current approach - is it fit for purpose in a digital age?

Features required

  • Review & needs analysis
  • Staff expectations
  • Student expectations


  • Likely implementation issues & how to overcome them
  • Risks & minimising risks
  • Costs vs benefits
  • Required "readiness" of staff/students

Staff training and skills

Support for development

  • Customisable resources e.g. templates
  • Demonstration - exemplars
  • Drop in sessions - ideal for discussing emerging ideas
  • One to ones
  • Team conversations - essential for gaining insites into individual perspectives, clarifying how roles within teams fit and highlighting gaps!

Blank sheet

Suggested reading (ebooks)

Bates, AW (2015) Teaching in a Digital Age Open BC

Sherman, S & Havemann, L (2017) Assessment, Feedback & Technology. Contexts and Case Studies in Bloomsbury

Engaging Stakeholders

  • Staff
  • Students (focus here is on developing student partnerships)
  • GMC, GDC
  • External Examiners
  • Leaders within department and at institution level
  • Others!

Dissemination options

  • Case studies
  • Testimonials
  • Research evidence
  • Evaluation reports
  • Papers & further information