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Alina Bendt

Pronouns: They/She

Position: PhD student (2nd year)

Supervisor: Prof. Sandra Chapman

Funding: STFC

Teaching: Lab Demonstrator for 1st year undergrad Physics; Module Feedback Coordinator

Background: BSc Physics, University of Aberdeen, 2021 (Machine Learning to Study Disordered Systems)

Project: Solar Wind Turbulence from In-Situ Observations with Solar Orbiter

The recent launches of Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter visiting orbits closer to the sun than ever before, reaching within the orbit of Mercury, provide unprecedented opportunities for the study of the solar wind. The data collected by Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter offers the opportunity to study fundamental physical processes such as turbulence and reconnection in-situ using the high Reynolds number solar wind as a large-scale natural laboratory. The instruments on board Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter will scan the solar wind as it evolves from the vicinity of the solar corona to Earth orbit.

This offers a new opportunity to use in-situ data from solar wind observations to answer questions such as how the turbulence evolves with distance from the sun and the characteristics and nature of those turbulence. It also allows a study of the prevalence of reconnection outflows and current sheets in the regions of turbulence and may allow drawing a connection between turbulence and reconnection.

The project involves understanding, modelling and adapting current data analytics methods to apply them to the in-situ solar wind observations. The interest in the data from Solar Orbiter is focused on measurements from the magnetometer (MAG) and energetic particle detector (EPD), as well as the Solar Wind Analyser (SWA).


Meeting Date Type Content
CFSA Seminars 25/07/2022 Presentation  
Solar Orbiter Summer School 02/06/2022 Poster  

Contact details:


Office: Physical Sciences Building, PS1.17

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