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William Fuller

Position: 3rd Year PhD student

Supervisor: Dr Bogdan Hnat

Project Title: Experimental measurement of turbulence in the divertor volume of MAST-U

Project Outline:
Turbulence in the scrape-off layer is complex with multiple regions displaying differing
characteristics, yet understanding turbulent transport in the scrape-off layer remains a critical step
towards a predictive capability for future fusion devices. Understanding cross-field transport inside
the divertor volume has been historically neglected, however it strongly impacts conditions at the
divertor surface which is a critical interface for the operation of a fusion reactor. This project will
provide a deep and systematic experimental analysis of cross-field transport in the divertor volume of
MAST-U using a specialised probe diagnostic.
The current set of probe heads available to MAST-Upgrade are not optimized for turbulent measurements
beyond single point time-series. This project will develop a new probe head for the MAST-U RP systems,
interchangeable between midplane and divertor.
The aim is to run the experiments using newly designed Langmuir probe in the second MAST-U
campaign, late 2022.


MPhys Physics (Integrated Masters): University of Hull, 2016



IOP 47th Plasma Physics Conference 2021 Poster Optimising the Design of a New Turbulence Probe for MAST-ULink opens in a new window awarded the Poster Prize.


Contact details


Office: Physical Sciences Building, PS1.51