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Network Members

The proposed network will be a "living organism". It will grow in numbers of the participating institutions and evolve in its focus on particular aspects and approaches used in the physics of systems far from equilibrium.

Core members of the network has been identified as these institutions that are essential to our aims and represent a significant part of UK research community in a given topic. These are (not in particular order, names in bold font indicate node leaders):

  • University of Warwick: Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics (Hnat, Chapman, McMillan), Centre for Complexity Science (Ball, MacKay, Turner, Connaughton, Alexander, Somfai)
  • Imperial College: Complexity and Networks (Christensen, Evans, Jensen, Pruessnar, Draief);
  • University of Manchester: (Mullin, McKane, Galla, Gray)
  • Oxford University: Physics and Oxford Centre for Soft and Biological Matter (Chocker, Yeomans, Golestanian, Louis, Stinchcombe, Sherrington)
  • Cambridge University: The Chemical Physics Group (Elliot, Taraskin), The Theory of Condensed Matter Group (Castelnovo)
  • King’s College London: Disordered System Group (Sollich, Annibale, Coolen, Katzav, Kuehn, Perez Castillo)
  • University of Bath: Statistical Physics (Jack, Wilding), Applied Mathematics (Budd, Dawes, Milewski, Moerters, Zimmer)
  • University of Aberdeen: The Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology (Grebogi, Politi)
  • Durham University: Physics (McLeish, Girkin and Fielding), Mathematics (Zakrzewski, Straughan, Piette, Chakrabarti, Jensen, Dondl and Hryniv);
  • UCL: Chemistry LCN/P&A (Bramwell, Parish, Banks)
  • University of Southampton: The Institute for Complex System Simulation (Bullock, Dyke, Brede), National Oceanography Centre (Oliver)
  • University of Leeds: Soft Matter Physics Group (Mattsson, Evans, Olmsted, Marrows)
  • University of Edinburgh: The Institute for Condensed Matter and Complex Systems (Ackland, Blythe, Cates, Clegg, Evans, Marenduzzo, Morozov)
  • Royal Holloway: (Eschrig, Eschrig, Ho, Posazhennikova)
  • University of Nottingham: Prof J. Garrahan.
  • Lancaster University: Nonlinear Biomedical Physics (Stefanovska, McClintock, Luchinsky)

Industrial partners: Unilever (P. Warren), Procter&Gamble (P. Souter); Lloyd's of London (Neil Smith), CCFE (R. Dendy), British Antarctic Survey (N. Watkins); General Dynamics (USA, T. Evans).

International partners: The network will actively link with the international contacts the core members have. The list of all contacts is too extensive to reproduce in here, but it will include: Prof. Erwin Frey (LMU Munich), Prof. J. Doyne Farmer (Santa Fe), Prof. Joachim Krug (Cologne), Prof. Uwe Taeuber (Virginia Tech); Prof. Cosma Shalizi (Carnegie Mellon), Dr. N. Johnson (Miami).