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Ben McMillan


Associate Professor

Research Interests:

My specialisation is numerical and theoretical plasma physics, mostly in the domain of Magnetically confined fusion. I joined the Centre for Space, Fusion science and Astrophysics in April 2011.

My main projects are tokamak turbulence modelling and numerical plasma physics. For example, this involves theory on modelling large-amplitude fluctuations in tokamaks and numerical methods for representing structures in complex magnetic field geometries.

Another part of my work is the development and application of a gyrokinetic code, ORB5, for transport modelling in tokamaks, in collaboration with groups in Switzerland (EPFL), Germany (IPP), and at Culham Fusion Science Centre (UK). As part of this project, I will also continue modelling work on basic turbulence using simplified low dimensional approaches, examining turbulent structure formation and propagation. The long-term goal of this research is to understand and eventually improve the confinement properties of tokamaks. In particular, the flow modelling I will be performing may be able to explain and predict transport barriers, allowing for more rapid progress towards economic fusion energy.


see the Warwick university job openings page (for a postdoctoral researcher). Not recruiting PhDs for 2022 intake (except potentially through scholarship schemes applicable for non-UK students).

Bursts of turbulence in a simulation of gyrokinetic tokamak turbulence.

Contact Details

telephone: +44 24 761 50212


room no: PS106

Ben McMillan leaning against a stone bridge, above a verdant welsh river gully