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Shahbaz Chaudhry

Position: 3rd Year PhD student

Supervisor: Professor Sandra Chapman

Project Title: Extreme space weather analysis using dynamical networks


Extreme space-weather events known as storms/sub-storms can have severe impacts on technological systems, on the ground and in space, including damage to satellites and power blackouts in severe cases. Quantitative understanding of the magnetospheric system during storms/sub-storms is important as our reliance on space based systems increases.

The data we will use for our network analysis is obtained from the SuperMAG collaboration which collates data from >100 ground-based magnetometers. Using recently released 1s high time resolution data it is possible to capture more dynamical detail of the magnetosphere during storms and substorms.

To understand these extreme space weather events, we capture information of oscillations along whole magnetic field lines known as Pc waves. We will use this Pc data in multiple frequency bands in our network analysis. Networks are a broadly used analysis tool and applied in areas such as social data, where people are linked based on various social relationships. In this project we link magnetometer stations based on similarity of their time series to build our dynamical Pc networks.

Eventual using our dynamical networks we aim to characterise Pc wave onset, resonance, propagation to translate the full spatio-temporal pattern into a few network parameters. We then aim to find how these network parameters correlate with wider behaviour of the system.

A time snapshot of the global dynamical correlation network I am building can be seen below as an example:
Global network


BSc in Physics with year abroad, King's College London, 2018, University of British Colombia, 2017

MSc by research, University of Manchester, 2019

MSc Project: "Multi-layer relaxation models for coronal heating"


Conference Date Presentation Type Content
Autumn Mist Nov. 19th - 20th, 2020 Poster Autumn Mist Poster
AGU fall meeting Dec. 1 st - 18th, 2020 Virtual poster platform -

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Office: PS1.17

Address: Department of Physics,

University of Warwick, Coventry,