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Key Texts

The following is required reading for the first six months of the PhD:

  • Krall, N.A. and Trivelpiece, A.W.: 1986, Principles of Plasma Physics, San Francisco, Inc.
  • Birdsall, C.K. and Langdon, A.B.: 2000, Plasma Physics via Computer Simulation, Institute of Physics Publishing.
  • Schwartz, S.J.: 1985, Solar Wind and the Earth's Bow Shock in 'Solar System Magnetic Fields' Chapter 8, Edited by Priest, E.R., D.Reidel Publishing Company.
  • Chapman, S.C., Lee, R.E. and Dendy, R.O.: 2005, Perpendicular Shock Reformation and Ion Acceleration, Space Science Reviews 121, 5-19.
  • Bale, S.D. et al.: 2005, Quasi-Perpendicular Shock Structure and Processes, Space Science Reviews 118, 161-203.

The following texts are not mandatory but are nonetheless very useful:

  • Landau, L.D. and Lifshitz, E.M.: 1980, Course in Theoretical Physics, Volume 5, 3rd Ed. Part 1, Statistical Physics, Pergamon International Library.
  • Schwartz, R.L., Phoenix, T. and Foy, B.D.: 2005, Learning Perl, 4th Ed., Tatiana Apandi and Allison Randal.