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Dr Martin Haynes

Name: Martin Haynes

Position: PDRA

Funding: PPARC

Research Interests:
Magnetic reconnection as a fundamental plasma process and its effects in the solar corona.[1]
3D MHD simulations of confined flares and their observational signatures.[2]
Emergence of flux tubes from the convection zone to the corona including a partially ionized layer.[3]

PhD Thesis:
"Block Adaptive Mesh refinement for a Lagrangian Remap Code"
I converted an already existing Lagrangian remap MHD code to contain block adaptive mesh refinement. This is a technique which allows the fluid simulation to place more points in regions of interest thus better allocating the available resources.

[1] Arber, T.D. & Haynes, M., "A generalized Petschek magnetic reconnection rate", Phys. Plas., 13, 112105, 2006
[2] Haynes, M. & Arber, T.D., "Observational properties of a kink unstable loop", A&A, 467,327-333, 2007
[3] Arber, T.D., Haynes, M. & Leake, J.E., "Emergence of a flux tube through a partially ionized solar atmosphere", ApJ, 666, 541-546, 2007

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+44 (0) 24 765 73875

+44 (0) 24 765 23672

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