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Results from the AMR code

Circular Shock Test

Results from the AMR code running a circular shock problem on a single Opteron processor. The initial conditions are:
0 < x,y < 1 with periodic bc
Background: v = 0, energy = 1.0, gamma = 1.4, density = 1
Central 0.1 radius circle: density = 10

Time = 0.8, using a base grid of 100x100 and 6 levels, this image is a contour plot of density (click to enlarge)

6 level image and link to larger image
The next image shows the patches overlaid onto the above image.
6 levels showing the patch positions
There is also a video of the whole simulation run with the link on the left.


Orszag-Tang Vortex

These results were run on 100x100 base grid with 7 levels of refinement and yes, the axis are showing effective cell numbers. Again, this was run on a single processor.
The full domain (click to enlarge):
7 level OT vortex, full view
Zooming in on the central core (click to enlarge):
First zoomed in image of the central region
Second zoomed in image of the central region