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Conferences and Schools Attended or Planning to Attend


4th - 9th September:
PPARC Introductory Course in Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, University of Warwick, UK
12th - 25th September:
"Turbulent flow with a focus on Technology and Physics" Wilhelm und Else Hereaus Summer School for Physics, University of Potsdam, Germany


26th June - 1st July:
Joint Workshop and Graduate summer school: "Instabilities and Turbulence in MHD flows", University of Warwick, UK
10th -14th July:
LMS/EPSRC course: "Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics & turbulence", University of Warwick, UK
17th - 28th July:
43rd Culham Plasma Physics Summer School, Culham, Oxford, UK
20th - 29th August:
Complex Systems Summer School, "From Individual to Collective Behaviour in Large-Scale Complex Systems " Ambleside, University of Manchester, UK
25th - 29th September:
ECCS '06 (European Conference on Complex Systems), Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK
At which I presented this poster titled: Mutual Information as a Tool for Identifying Phase Transitions in Complex Systems.


15th - 20th April:
European Geophysical Union, Vienna, Austria.
At which I gave oral presentations in two sessions: "Nonlinear time series analysis in the geosciences", and "Coupling between regions and scales: the future is multipoint and multi-instrument". These presentations are available for download from this page.
2nd - 6th July:
34th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics, Warsaw, Poland.
Where I presented the poster "Using mutual information to quantify spatial correlation between simultaneous spacecraft measurements of solar wind plasma turbulence" which received a commendation in the Itoh prize.
15th - 20th July:
First ITER Summer School, Cadarache, France
13th - 17th August:
Natural Complexity: Data and Theory in Dialogue Conference. Clare College, Cambridge, UK
30th November:
MIST London, UK
10th - 14th December:
AGU, San Francisco, Claifornia, USA


27th March:
Invited seminar at British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge