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Robert Wicks

Position: PhD Student

PhD Supervisor: Sandra Chapman

Project Title: Mutual Information and Quantifying Coherent Structures in Laboratory and Solar Wind Plasma Data.

Funding: EPSRC with a CASE studentship from UKAEA at Culham

Research Interests:

  • Non-linear dynamics of complex systems.
  • Mutual information in complex systems.
  • Phase transitions.
  • Solar wind processes.
  • Structures and turbulence in plasma.

Other Interests:

In the 2006-2007 academic year I organised the Physics Department Postgraduate Student seminars. These are short, informal talks given every two weeks by postgraduate students in the department. These seminars enable the postgraduate students in the department to practice their presentation skills and help keep a lively and diverse postgraduate community within the department. A record of recent seminars is shown on the physics department postgraduate seminar timetable.

I was the president of the Warwick Postgraduate Society 2006-2007 but have now handed over to this year's executive. The aims of the society are to improve the social and extra-curricular side of postgraduate life at the University.


Contact Details



Telephone Number:

+44 (0) 2476150215