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Tobias Slade-Harajda


Position: 2nd Year PhD Student

Supervisors: Prof. Sandra Chapman & Prof. Richard Dendy

Contact: Tobias dot Slade-Harajda at warwick dot ac dot uk

Office: PS1.17

Ion Cyclotron Emission (ICE) is a suprathermal emission brought on by instabilities within a fusion plasma. In its linear instability phase, the excitation mechanism for ICE is the magnetoacoustic cyclotron instability (MCI). As ICE is a passive diagnostic tool for fast ion physics, it is highly advantageous to apply knowledge gained from observing ICE to magnetically confined fusion (MCF) plasmas with the aim to improve tokamak efficiency and maintain the thermonuclear burn.

This project utilises HPC simulations to describe a minority energetic population of energetic alpha particles, and obtain typical ICE spectra observed in experiment. Further work will look at simulating aneutronic fusion reactions to mitigate the ionisation of the tokamak inner wall, hence increasing the efficiency of tokamaks and their longevity.


Date Role Description
Oct 2021 - June 2023 Lab Demonstrator PX110/PX151 Lead 1st year undergraduates in their experiments regarding Simple Harmonic Motion, Newton's Law of Cooling and investigating Helioseismology using Fourier transforms.


Date Type (Talk/Poster) Name Description
29th September 2022 Talk PG Seminar

Delivered a revised presentation to the physics postgraduate group.

18th July 2022

Talk CFSA Seminar

Detailed my project to the wider CFSA department.


Oct 2022 - Wrote a reflective piece on the development of my teaching style, as viewed through Brookfield's four lenses, for the Journal of PGR Pedagogic Practice (JPPP).


Obtained my MPhys (Physics w/ Astrophysics) in 2021 from the University of Exeter. My Supervisors were Prof. Sean Matt and Dr. Lewis Ireland. We worked on implementing a differential rotational profile at the star's surface using stellar wind model PLUTO, and measured its effect as a mechanism for torque down on a star.

picture of self

Me, Nottingham, circa 2016

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ORCID iD : 0000-0002-4993-0757