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BRICS Multilateral Research and Development Project "Superflares on stars and the Sun"


It has been recently discovered that many solar-like stars produce
the so-called superflares that are much more powerful than even the
largest flares observed at the Sun to date. This raises intriguing and
practically important questions about the nature of superflares,
possibility of similar phenomena on the Sun, and their potential
consequences for our civilization. The proposed project is aimed on
experimental and theoretical investigation of superflares on solarlike

The proposed project is based on collaboration of the leading
research groups from three BRICS countries: Russia, India and
China; the project participants possess high and complementary
expertise in studying the solar and stellar activity. Experimental
and theoretical investigation of the dynamo processes will be
performed jointly by the Russian and Indian teams, while analyzing
the observations and diagnosing the superflare parameters using
the coronal seismology methods will be performed jointly by all
research teams.