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Possible targets

Sp. class



1. EV Lac

2. AD Leo

3. DG CVn

4. YZ CMi


1. HD 95735

2. AU Mic

3. FK Aqr

4. YY Gem


1. 61 Cyg A,B

(one or two targets depending on the field of view)

2. CC Eri

3. BY Dra

4. EQ Vir


1. eps Eri

2. 70 Oph

3. V538 Aur

4. LQ Hya


1. ksi Boo

2. kap01 Cet

3. pi01 UMa

4. EK Dra

The selection criteria were:

1. High activity, to ensure the high probability of the flare detection. (It is increases with the decrease of the star's temperature).

2. Possible close proximity to the Earth.

3. "Normal" stars: trying to exclude the interacting binaries and T Tauris.