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New publications

Publications resulted from the collaboration:

1. Pascoe, D.J., Anfinogentov, S.A., Goddard, C.R., Nakariakov, V.M., Spatiotemporal Analysis of Coronal Loops Using Seismology of Damped Kink Oscillations and Forward Modeling of EUV Intensity Profiles, Astrophysical Journal, v. 860, id. 31, 2018.
2. Kolotkov, D.Y., Pugh, C.E., Broomhall, A.-M., Nakariakov, V.M., Quasi-periodic Pulsations in the Most Powerful Solar Flare of Cycle 24, Astrophysical Journal Letters, v. 858, id. L3, 2018.
3. McLaughlin, J.A., Nakariakov, V.M., Dominique, M., JelĂ­nek, P., Takasao, S., Modelling Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in Solar and Stellar Flares, Space Science Reviews, v. 214, id. 45, 2018.
4. Nakariakov, V.M., Anfinogentov, S., Storozhenko, A.A., Kurochkin, E.A., Bogod, V.M., Sharykin, I.N., Kaltman, T.I., Quasi-periodic pulsations in a solar microflare, Astrophysical Journal, v. 859, id. 154, 2018.
5. G.P. Chernov, V.V. Fomichev, R.A. Sych, A Model of Zebra Patterns in Solar Radio Emission, Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, v. 58, p. 394, 2018.
6. M.M. Katsova, L.L. Kitchatinov, D. Moss, K. Olah, D.D. Sokoloff, Superflares on Giant Stars, Astronomy Reports, 2018, in press. arXiv:1804.06315,
7. Y. Zhugzhda, R. Sych, Local sunspot oscillations and umbral dots, Research in Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2018, 18, 105, 2018RAA....18..105Z 
8. R. Sych, M. Wang, Fine wave dynamics in umbral flash sources, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2018, in press. arXiv:1710.08100,
9. L.L. Kitchatinov, A.V. Mordvinov, A.A. Nepomnyashchikh, Modelling variability of solar activity cycles, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2018, 615, 38, 2018A%26A...615A..38K

10. Shao-Xia Chen, Bo Li , Sanjay Kumar, Hui Yu, and Mijie Shi. Fast Standing Modes in Transversley Nonuniform Solar Coronal Slabs: The Effects of a Finite Plasma Beta, Astrophysical Journal, 855, 47, 2018ApJ...855...47C
11. Li, Bo; Guo, Ming-Zhe; Yu, Hui; Chen, Shao-Xia. Impulsively Generated Wave Trains in Coronal Structures. II. Effects of Transverse Structuring on Sausage Waves in Pressurelesss Slabs, Astrophysical Journal, 855, 53, 2018ApJ...855...53L
12. Han He, Huaning Wang, Mei Zhang, Ahmad Mehrabi, Yan Yan, and Duo Yun. Activity Analyses for Solar-type Stars Observed with Kepler. II. Magnetic Feature versus Flare Activity, Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 236, 7, 2018ApJS..236....7H
13. Chen, Shao-Xia; Li, Bo; Shi, Mijie; Yu, Hui. Damping of slow surface sausage modes in photospheric waveguides, Astrophysical Journal, in press, 2018arXiv181002051C