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Other relevant publications

The papers in which MHD models of plasma and magnetic field were used for the calculation of the radio emission, without the use of the GX simulator tool:

And the use of the GX simulator:

The papers contain no much details of the data format... In general, if we have a 3D cube describing the magnetic field and plasma parameters in some XYZ volume, it can be easily converted into the appropriate IDL save file that GX Simulator can read. On the other hand, if your model describes the magnetic loop only (e.g., the straight magnetic tube in cylindrical coordinates), then some additional transformations would be needed to create a realistic curved loop.

Jim Davenport's catalogue of superflares detected in WL with Kepler:

Superflares on solar-type stars; stellar flares; pulsations:
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Superflares on the Sun (historical evidence):
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