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Open Warwick-Weihai Webinar on MHD Seismology


The main purpose of this webinar is to reflect on the recent results and ideas in the rapidly developing research field of MHD seismology of the solar and stellar coronae and related research topics. This activity is seeded by researchers at WarwickLink opens in a new window and WeihaiLink opens in a new window, but is fully open. Any researchers from other research institutions and countries, interested in this topic are welcome to join the webinar, ask questions, take part in discussions and present your research results. We'll begin with monthly webinars, but may reassess this format later.

Next meeting:

June 15, 9 am British Summer Time (time conversionLink opens in a new window):

  • Dr Igor Lopin
  • Dr Tom Van Doorsselaere
Previous meetings:

May 12, 9 am British Summer Time (time conversionLink opens in a new window):

  • Mr Guoyin Chen (Nanjng University): Measuring the magnetic field of the loop with spatial seismology;
  • Ms Rebecca Meadowcroft (Warwick): Propagating slow magnetoacoustic waves in coronal fans

April 4, 9 am British Summer Time (time conversionLink opens in a new window):

  • Zheng Sun (Peking Uni): Cross-loop EUV wave train triggered by successive stretching of magnetic field structures;
  • Jinhan Guo (Nanjing University and KU Leuven): Exploring the nature of two components of the EUV waves with the data-driven radiative MHD model

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 884 7480 1494

Passcode: 069381

Feb 28, 9 GMT

  • Dr Robert Sych (ISTP SB RAS): Microwave response to sunspot oscillations;
  • Professor Leon Ofman (NASA, CUA): Excitation and damping of slow magnetosonic waves in flaring hot coronal loops: Effects of compressive viscosity.

Jan 31, 9 GMT

  • Dr Dong Li (Purple Mountain Observatory): Observations of decayless oscillations in coronal loops
  • Dr Yuhang Gao (Peking University & KU Lueven): Observation and modeling of decayless oscillations in short coronal loops

Dec 20, 9 GMT

  • Dr Mijie Shi (Weihai): Influence of Fine Structures on Gyrosynchrotron Emission of Flare Loops Modulated by Sausage Modes;
  • Dr David Pascoe (St Andrews): Propagating and Standing Kink Oscillations in Coronal Loops.

Nov 15, 9 GMT

  • Dr Elena Kupriyanova (GAO RAS): Microwave signatures of the transverse structured sausage- and kink-oscillating plasma slabs;
  • Dr Dong Li (PMO): Quasi-periodic accelerations of energetic particles during a solar flare.

Oct 11, 9:00 BST (time conversionLink opens in a new window): An introductory webinar, four short 20-min talks of

  • Ms Sihui Zhong (Warwick): First two-spacecraft detection of kink oscillations of coronal loops;
  • Prof Valery Nakariakov (Warwick): Effect of noise on decayless kink oscillations;

The Zoom link: Time: Oct 11, 2022 08:30 AM London

Meeting ID: 822 6801 2713
Passcode: 387231