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Xueyi Wang

Position: Ph.D. student

Supervisor: Prof. Sandra Chapman, Prof. Richard Dendy

Background: B.Sc. in Software Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, 2020

Project Outlineļ¼š

The high Reynolds number solar wind flow provides a natural laboratory for the study of turbulence in-situ. Parker Solar Probe has to date executed nine sampling distances between 0.2 AU to 1 AU, providing an opportunity to study how turbulence evolves in the expanding solar wind. We focus on data from the PSP/FIELDS and the PSP/SWEAP experiments which provide magnetic field and plasma observations respectively at sub-second cadence. We have identified multiple intervals of uniform solar wind turbulence, selected to exclude coherent structures such as pressure pulses and current sheets, and in which the primary proton population velocity varies by less than 20% of its mean value. We focus on events of multiple-hour duration, which span the spectral scales of both the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) inertial range of turbulence and the approximately 1/f range at lower frequencies. We perform a Haar wavelet decomposition which provides accurate estimations of the exponents of these power-law ranges of the spectra. This allows us to study how the spectral exponents may vary with distance from the Sun and with plasma beta. We perform this analysis for both the magnetic field components and magnitude, which track Alfvenic and compressive turbulent fluctuations, respectively.

Pronouns: She/ hers.

Email: Xueyi dot Wang at warwick dot ac dot uk