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Congratulations to Dr Shahbaz Chaudhry who has sucessfully defended his PhD thesis

You can find details of his thesis work here:

S. Chaudhry, S. C. Chapman, J. Gjerloev, C. D. Beggan, Global dynamical network of the spatially correlated Pc2 wave response for the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day storm, J. Geophys. Res. doi:10.1029/2022JA031175 (2023)

Tue 03 Oct 2023, 17:26

Valery Nakariakov joins the SCOSTEP Bureau

Valery Nakariakov joins the Bureau of the Scientific Committee on the Solar-Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEPLink opens in a new window) as Representative of the International Astronomical Union (IAULink opens in a new window).

Wed 27 Sep 2023, 13:53

"Oscillatory Processes in Solar and Stellar Coronae" Book (Eds. Nakariakov V.M., et al.) is published

ISSI Monograph 76 "Oscillatory Processes in Solar and Stellar CoronaeLink opens in a new window", edited by V.M. Nakariakov et al., is published by Springer. The book gives a comprehensive overview of oscillatory processes in solar and stellar coronae, discusses observations made by primary instruments used to research solar and stellar phenomena, and contains review, analysis, and modelling of cutting-edge research in solar and stellar science.

Tue 19 Sep 2023, 06:59

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