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Course Information


PG Certificate TCHA-F1PH


3 x Optional Modules (excluding CH950, CH951 and CH952)



1 x Optional Module (excluding CH950, CH951 and CH952)


Optional Modules

Modules developed specifically for post doctoral researchers:

Communication and Impact (Was Science Communication)

Research Ethics and Practice for postdoctoral researchers and PhD students


Other optional modules available as part of the PGCTSS:

CH953 Team Working in a Research Environment   CH961 Introduction to Teaching for Postgraduates in the Sciences
CH955 Decision Making and Leadership  CH933 Academic scientific writing: Writing extended scientific articles and reports

CH934 Academic scientific writing: Writing focused scientific articles and reports
CH957 Business, Innovation and Commercialisation for Researchers
CH958 Project management HR903 Bioscience, Politics and Social Acceptability


How it works


Begin Advanced Researcher immediately by downloading the information from the Advanced Researcher page and working towards the tasks. You need to complete 30 CATS for the Certificate and 20 CATS for the Award. Log each item as you complete it, sign it off with your mentor or supervisor and file the evidence in your portfolio.

Choose 3 Optional Modules for the Certificate and 1 for the Award. See the Modules page for the list of courses available, dates and registration. Once you have registered for a module download the student handbook (where available) from the modules page. Put a copy in your portfolio and file the required assignments etc. with each title page. All documents are in Microsoft Word format and are strictly restricted to registered staff and students at Warwick. Your portfolio will form the basis for assessment.

Some optional modules are shared with PhD students while some (e.g. Science Communication) run separate, targeted Post doctorate courses. See Modules for details.

Registration - follow this link to express interest. You will then be able to register.


Assessment and Accreditation

The Certificate/ Award works by compiling evidence in a portfolio, which forms the basis for assessment, and signing off tasks and modules.

For the award of the PG Cert or PG Award you must complete and submit your portfolio one week before the independent examiner's visit, usually in November each year. Prior to this you need to have had your modules marked off either by your Director of Graduate Studies or their nominated representative or by Nikola Chmel. This should be summarised on the cover sheet, which can be downloaded below. You need 6 modules for the Certificate and 3 for the Award. You may submit more modules for consideration.