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Research Methods

Decolonising Research methodologies

If the living, experiencing being is an intimate participant in the activities of the world to which it belongs, then knowledge is a mode of participation, valuable in the degree in which it is effective. It cannot be the idle view of an unconcerned spectator."
[Dewey, J. (1916) Democracy and Education, p.338]
WEIRD research

The vast majority of behavioural science research is conducted with participants that are from WEIRD societies - Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich and Democratic, despite these participants only representing 12% of the world's population. This therefore raises the issue of making generalisations on human behaviour across the discipline.

This article makes suggestions on how to change that: Henrich, Heine and Norenzayan (2010). The weirdest people in the worldLink opens in a new window

One page version of the above article published in Nature: Most people are not WEIRDLink opens in a new window

Video: The Hidden Biases in WEIRD Psychology ResearchLink opens in a new window

Communicating your research

Story Telling: