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Course Structure

Term 1

-PS922 Issues in Psychological Science (15 CATS)

-PS923 Methods and Analysis in Behavioural Science (15 CATS)

-CS910 Foundations of Data Analytics (15 CATS)

-CS917 Foundations of Computing (15 CATS)

Term 2

-PS918 Psychological Models of Choice (15 CATS)

-CS909 Data Mining (15 CATS)

Students must choose two from Behavioural Science and two from Computer Science or the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies

Behavioural Science

-PS919 Behavioural Change, Nudging and Persuasion (15 CATS)

-PS931 Bayesian Approaches in Behavioural Science (15 CATS)

-IB9AN Principles of Cognition (15 CATS)

-PS927 Neuroeconomics (15 CATS)

Computer Science and Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies

-CS916 Social Informatics (15 CATS)

-CS918 Natural Language Processing (15 CATS) (currently running in Term 1)

-IM921 Visualization (15 CATS)


Term 3 and vacation

-PS928 Behavioural and Data Science Project (30 CATS)