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Dr Riikka Mottonen, University of Nottingham "Auditory-motor speech perception": Departmental Seminar Series 2017/18

Location: H1.48

Hosted by Professor Sotaro Kita

Refreshments in Common room at 3.30pm

Auditory-motor speech perception

The ability to communicate using speech is a highly demanding skill. Whether speech perception relies on auditory mechanisms or on the same articulatory motor mechanisms as speech production has been under debate for decades. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) provides a powerful tool to investigate the role of the articulatory motor system in speech processing. I will present TMS studies that provide evidence that speech perception relies on both auditory and motor systems and present our new interactive model of auditory-motor speech processing (Liebenthal and Mottonen, 2018). I will also discuss the effects background noise and age-related hearing loss on the involvement of the motor system in speech perception.

Riikka Mottonen 15 March 2018

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