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Internal Seminar: "Developmental origins of objectivity" Dr Richard Moore and Dr Katharina Helming

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Location: TEAMS

Hear about the latest research in Psychology.

Calendar invitation circulated by Internal Seminar Coordinator: Suzanne Aussems with TEAMS link

This week’s internal seminar speakers will be Dr Katharina Helming (Department of Psychology) and Dr Richard Moore (Department of Philosophy).

Developmental origins of objectivity


A concept that we lean on as scientists is that of objectivity: the idea that the facts are independent of anyone´s beliefs. This is what motivates us to look for evidence that might confirm or disconfirm a hypothesis. What is the developmental origin of this understanding? The classic way of measuring an understanding of subjective points of view in contrast to the objective facts is the false belief test. In this talk, I will present several studies using novel ways of measuring an understanding of objectivity by looking at children’s (and great ape’s) reactions to peer disagreement.


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