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Internal Seminar: Arij Yehya and Finn Wort

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Hear from Psychology postgraduate students on what their latest research.

TEAMS link circulated by Internal Seminar co-ordinator: Dr Jesse Preston the week of the seminar.

“Gender difference in personality traits” (Arij Yehya)


Gender differences in personality traits are common across different cultures ( Schmitt, Realo, Voracek, & Allik, 2008). Females usually score higher than males on all the different factors of personality traits. For example, females tend to be more anxious, agreeable and tender-minded while men are more assertive and risk-taking. However, in countries with higher levels of gender equity and human development the differences in personality traits between males and females are more pronounced (Costa et al., 2001) . There are several theories and hypotheses as to why this is the case but little scientific evidence to confirm them. Accordingly, my project aims at investigating these findings in order to learn more about the factors that drive this phenomenon.

"The DIST model: Anew model of mean estimation" (Finn Wort)


Ensemble perception, processing groups of items, is something we must do with a good degree of accuracy every day. Ensemble perception researchers have come to understand how accurate people will be when they make ensemble judgements, such as estimating a set mean, but researchers still do not have a general and well-supported model of how people make these kinds of judgements. We propose a model for ensemble perception in which people are inferring a CDF from a set using kernel density estimation and then using this inferred CDF to make ensemble judgements. We call this model the Distribution Inference and Sample Testing model (DIST). The presentation will make clear the necessity of the DIST model and will demonstrate how the DIST model can account for a wide range of results in the ensemble perception literature.

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