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MSc Psychological Research - Psychology and Policing


You will conduct your research placements and project with relevant researchers such as:

Dr Melina Kunar is interested in the application of attention research in legal and security contexts, such as distraction and driving, and how baggage screeners search for threats at airports. She has previously shown that talking on a mobile phone impairs sustained visual attention, needed for driving, and is continuing this work with the Dorset Police. Another of her projects investigates how people detect rare targets, such as threats in airport screening tasks.

Dr Kimberley Wade is interested in how people come to believe in and remember entire events that never happened. Recently she has examined the effects doctored evidence (text and images) on eyewitness testimony.

Dr Derrick Watson is interested in visual selection and attention prioritisation. He is conducting interdisciplinary research with computer scientists on behavioural "signatures" that could indicate when a person is being deceptive.

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What is the MSc Psychological Research?

The MSc Psychological Research is a new course that offers the opportunity to gain practical experience in research through placements across different laboratories working on thematically related research. This laboratory rotation offers strong candidates for doctoral research more scope to explore different topics within their interests than the traditional options at Master's level. Students first work on ongoing projects with two researchers before going on to develop their own project with a third researcher.