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Congratulations to Nicole Baumann and Ahuti Das on winning the 2020 Psychology PhD Student Publication Awards at the PGR Research Day. Read their articles here.

Baumann N, Tresilian J, Wolke D. Effects of infant motor problems and treatment with physiotherapy on child outcomes at school-age. Early Hum Dev. 2020 Oct;149:105140. doi: 10.1016/j.earlhumdev.2020.105140. Epub 2020 Jul 22. PMID: 32738517.

The judges said: "This highly impressive piece, published in Early Human Development, made an important contribution through looking at the impact of physiotherapy via a large prospective study and sophisticated analyses. Although physiotherapy did not have the expected impact this in itself was an important finding with considerable real-world practice implications."

Das-Friebel, A., Gkiouleka, A., Grob, A., & Lemola, S. (2020). Effects of a 20 minutes delay in school start time on bed and wake up times, daytime tiredness, behavioral persistence, and positive attitude towards life in adolescents. Sleep Medicine, 66

The judges said: "This longitudinal study using real school data tested the impact of just that little bit extra sleep (20 minutes) on daytime tiredness and attitude towards life amongst adolescents. Although the extra sleep did not quite give the advantage expected this null result was in itself an important finding in a very significant area for our everyday lives."

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