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I am keen to receive applications from potential PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows. In case of interest, please email me at Please use this link Link opens in a new windowto find out more about our Psychology PhD/MPhil programme.

Current PhD Students:
  • Serkan Deveci, primary supervisor
  • Kehan Mei, primary supervisor
  • Yuxuan Su, second supervisor
  • Arij Yehya, primary supervisor
Former PhD Students:

Arman Rakhimov (2022). Relationship between self-compassion and sleep. Department of Psychology, University of Warwick (second supervisor)

Anita Lenneis (2021). Sleep timing: Variability and stability, influences, and outcomes. Department of Psychology, University of Warwick

Aire Mill (2017). Exploring the role of personality traits and age in the experience and recognition of emotions. Institute of Psychology, University of Tartu

Mai Beilmann (2017). Social capital and individualism–collectivism at the individual level. Institute of Social Studies, University of Tartu

Henrik Dobewall (2013). Determinants of subjective well-being: An exploration of individual and cultural differences. Department of Psychology, University of Tartu

Liisi Kööts-Ausmees (2012). Emotional experience: Relations to personality, subjective well-being, recollection, and external influences. Department of Psychology, University of Tartu

Kenn Konstabel (2006). The structure and validity of self- and peer-reported personality traits. Department of Psychology, University of Tartu

Former MSc Students:

Sacha Godhania (MSc in Psychological Research), 2022

Current Final Year Project Students:
  • Anna Alves, Rebecca Asbury, Tyler Howard, Asma Khatib, Harvey Merne, Viviana Moposita, Ritisha Tognatta, Emily Watson
Former Final Year Project Students:
  • Awatif Mohamad Fuad, Jack Murphy, Becky Reeve, Katie Salame, Lea Stuart, Jiya Thomas, Lauren Whyne, Lauren Wilkinson
  • Hannah Arifi, Sofya Durneva, Iqrah Khan, Orla Pembroke, Zuleikha Zayani, Sara Sheikh, Harri Shanthikumar, Nadine Tetteh
  • Cherish Ajereh, Nonyem Ambrose, Ashleigh Evans, Oriana Feehi Sowah, Bryony Hallett, Lucy Honeysett, Zein Jaward, Millie Remmington
  • Natalie Atkinson, Kayleigh Cotter, Chloe Davies, Zimini Fongho, Samantha Le Jeune, Emilia Kartz, Hannah Mackie, Jodie Smith
  • Victoria Blanchard, Hannah Butler, Laura Clothier, Matthew Ngai, Natalie Pollack, Becky Smith, Elisabeth Stepan-Rivard, Emily Wang
  • Christiana Amao, Costanza Gentile, Tori Hoper, Emma Horton, Daisy Parker, Amy Wan
  • Helen Munt, Nazarene Sutherland