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Dieter Wolke, Dipl.Psych. Ph.D (Professor)

Dieter Wolke

Highly Cited 2018


Professor (Department of Psychology and Division of Mental Health & Wellbeing (WMS))


Developmental pathways leading to developmental psychopathology, social and emotional development, biological at risk children (very preterm children), school and sibling bullying, infant regulatory problems (crying, feeding, sleeping) and parenting.

Main Research Areas:


RECAP preterm

Bayerische Entwicklungsstudie

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Representative Publications:

  • Copeland, We., Wolke, D., Angold, A., & Costello, E. (2013). Adult psychiatric outcomes of bullying and being bullied by peers in childhood and adolescence. JAMA Psychiatry, 70(4), 419-426. [doi]
  • Zammit, S., Kounali, D., Cannon, M., David, A. S., Gunnell, D., Heron, J., Jones, P., Lewis, S., Sullivan, S., Wolke, D., Lewis, G. (2013). Psychotic Experiences and Psychotic Disorders at Age 18 in Relation to Psychotic Experiences at Age 12 in a Longitudinal Population-Based Cohort Study. Am J Psychiatry. [doi]
  • Wolke, D., Schreier, A., Zanarini, M. C., & Winsper, C. (2012). Bullied by peers in childhood and borderline personality symptoms at 11 years of age: A prospective study. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines, 53(8), 846-855. [doi]
  • Jaekel, J., Wolke, D., & Bartmann, P. (2013). Poor attention rather than hyperactivity/impulsivity predicts academic achievement in very preterm and full-term adolescents. Psychological Medicine, 43(01), 183-196. [doi]
  • Lereya, Suzet Tanya, Winsper, Catherine, Heron, Jon, Lewis, Glyn, Gunnell, David, Fisher, Helen L., & Wolke, Dieter. (2013). Being Bullied During Childhood and the Prospective Pathways to Self-Harm in Late Adolescence. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 52(6), 608-618.e602. [doi]
  • Jaekel, Julia, Baumann, Nicole, & Wolke, Dieter. (2013). Effects of Gestational Age at Birth on Cognitive Performance: A Function of Cognitive Workload Demands. PLoS ONE, 8(5), e65219. [doi]


Supervisor to: 
Nicole Baumann
Ayten Bilgin
Slava Dantchev
Ahuti Das
Alexa Guy
Robert Eves
Christine Bartram (2nd supervisor)